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My name is Rendi Bierman. I have been in the fitness world since 2009 where I taught fitness classes at the Rec Center at Eastern Illinois University. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Since then, I have worked as a group fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and even managed a few gyms. Since college, I had a dream to work with moms through and after pregnancy to create an environment where their daily exercise could create a social environment with like-minded moms who want to include their babies and kids in their health and fitness. After having two girls of my own, I truly understand the importance of community. I also understand that it is not easy to break away from mom life to be able to focus solely on yourself. This is why I am creating several options for moms to take care of their health and fitness in ways that work in their lifestyle.

My Vision

My vision is to create strength, balance and empowerment through motherhood with a healthy community that moms can turn to. Whether you are coming to Mamas with Muscle class, using my app, or seeing me one on one, I want you to have a sense of belonging and encouragement to live your best life for the little (or big) humans you are raising. 

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